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The Center for Family Counseling offers the following services to families, individuals, couples and adolescents.  Some of the areas of concentration are:

Symptoms and conditions that may accompany these problems which are addressed in therapy are: Depression, anxiety, panic attacks, obsessive- compulsive disorders, ADHD, suicidal feelings, rage and anger, additions, bi-polar disorder and trauma*.

 *TRAUMA Terry is a level II EMDR therapist (see ď QuestionsĒ What is EMDR?) and is qualified to treat recent or long-term trauma.  Trauma is often disguised by depression and/or anxiety and should be treated by someone who specializes in the treatment of Posttraumatic Stress Syndrome.  Untreated, trauma can exist indefinitely leaving a dark hole not only in a personís life, but their spirit as well.

 **MEDIATION  In addition to counseling, Terry is a trained mediator who is qualified to to mediate separation agreements, divorce, and child custody mediation as well as family mediation.  Family mediation covers such issues as grandparentís rights, teen-parent conflicts or monetary disputes.



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