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All information shared in a counseling session is confidential.  It will not be shared with employers or family members unless you request it. Some insurance insurance companies request a treatment report that requires a certain degree of disclosure by the counselor in order for you to obtain benefits.

There are three instances when the counselor is obligated by law to share this information:

  1. You are a danger to yourself or someone else.
  2. There is concern about unreported child abuse.
  3. The counselor receives a subpoena to appear in court and cannot be exempted.

Appointments are made by calling to schedule a time convenient for you and a counselor.  Some evening appointments available.

There is a 24-hour notice of cancellation required to avoid a cancellation fee.

Fees vary depending on the type of counseling you desire. The fee for in-office counseling is $100 per session. Fees for online or phone counseling vary. 


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